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What can Smacker! do for me ?

You can start simple with Smacker! and just get timesheets away from paper and manual data entry. Nothing complicated to integrate or mess around with.

And that may even be as far as you ever want to go with making that part of your business more efficient.

Or, as your business and staff get used to doing things a little differently, Smacker! offers a range of modules to help you thrive.

With Smacker!, you can help your field staff find information more easily, stay safe, communicate, and even complete online forms (with signatures) while they're on the job - just using their phone or tablets.

Convenience for all

Something as simple as eliminating paper timesheets means far less admin work and faster pays & invoicing.

Increased efficiency

From avoiding manual data entry, to field staff having critical information at their fingertips, Smacker! streamlines processes, making working faster and more efficient for both employees and managers.

Cost savings

Every minute that your staff are spending doing unnecessary tasks costs your bottom line.

Our policy of charging $1 per week, per user, per module makes cost savings obvious.

Simple Timesheets And So Much More!

Staff Expense Claims

Allow your staff to claim expenses (with pictures of Tax Invoices); supervisors can approve; and accountants export spreadsheets for easy importing to Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, NetSuite, etc.

Asset Management via QR Codes

Secure asset management for anything including vehicles, equipment and real estate keys.

Generate & scan barcodes for fast access to important asset information. 

Timesheets - basic

Simple-to-use, no integration needed ... just have your staff timesheets captured (including their locations) in 5 minutes flat!



Timesheets - additions

Location tracking can be included on timesheets as proof of location and time.

Your admin staff can export timesheets to Microsoft Excel and other software at the touch of a button.

Alerts (SMS and Push Notifications)

Instantly notify your staff about something urgent (safety, weather, Beer O'Clock, ...) using SMS (even for non-app users) or Push Notifications.

Documentation and Manuals

Focused on maintenance staff, this module lets you upload the most critical information right at their fingertips.



Job reporting

Add pictures to a job report and automatically email them to your managers or admin staff. 

Staff lists / Contact directory

Finding colleagues and contacts takes no time at all, and is updated centrally by your own Smacker! administrator so everyone has the same information instantly.

Locations lists and maps

Put every supplier, store, customer, or anything else on a map that every user can see. Tap on a pin on the map and get contact details.



Secure messaging

Enable your staff to securely communicate with each other in realtime across any platform (iOS, Android, desktop).

Conversations can be archived and sent via email as a permanent record.


Location or Proximity Actions

As your staff arrive at a particular location or are near a beacon (e.g. mounted on a piece of machinery), automatic actions can be triggered.

For example, supervisors can be notified when staff arrive at a job site.


Smart business forms

Create forms that staff can use in the field (or at their desk) to do certain tasks - including quote generation, customer satisfaction, safety checklists, maintenance reports, anything you need.



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